As you walk through this Virtual Idea House, let your thoughts take you to places you thought you’d never go. Starting from the back door as you enter the room, envision a concrete floor with inlaid blue glass shards. This will make sense to you when you enter the bathroom and see the faucet.

Each room features a different ceiling and wall texture. The glass valance in the kitchen and the octagon window, which is a common wall between the shower and kitchen, is my original design.

In the kitchen, the ceramic dishes are custom-made from New York, adding a touch of elegance with the look of pottery. The green glass knobs are from old bottled glass.

In the bathroom, you will see light fixtures that I designed. The dining room light fixture has added highlights to compliment the ceiling.

All the furniture, lighting and area rugs are special order and available in many colors, fabrics & designs. All the window treatments, part of the bed ensemble, window seat, and area rugs in the bathroom and living room are custom made. Did you see the Iron Pine window sculpture and shutters in the bedroom? The paint finishes and murals add character and interest and are a totally custom artistic expression.

I had a vision when I originally designed this house, and with the love and support of many people it became a reality. I am now pleased to show it to you in virtual form. I know you will enjoy exploring this space, so please take a moment to fully appreciate each room by clicking on the photos above.

To have your vision become your reality, give me a call at (775) 885-2444.

God Bless!


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