Pleasure to Work With!

“Working with Doreen Mack is a breeze. She approaches a project with enthusiasm and innovative ideas. Doreen communicates her thoughts with ease adding no stress to the client and transforms her creative ability into delightful reality. It was a pleasure working with her.” ~ Jeannette

Our ‘Go-To’ Decorator!

“My husband and I have been most fortunate to have Lofty Expressions creator, Doreen Mack, as our Interior Designer and Decorator.

She is an extremely talented and creative person. Doreen is able to take existing décor and to mix it with ideas to create beautiful, warm and elegant rooms. She blended our existing antiques with window treatments, re-painting walls, flooring, plants and lighting—and now we have a gorgeous home. People love to come here. Everything flows from room to room.

We love our home. Doreen saved us money by using our existing furniture, moving pictures around, and added small, yet perfect pieces to reflect our taste.
Doreen and her wonderful assistant, Bard Brown, were thorough, prompt, careful of all our furnishings, “spot on” with ideas, timely and fun to have in our home. We trust and admire their abilities.

Doreen will always be our ‘go-to’ decorator. We are pleased to recommend Lofty Expressions as our Decorator of choice.

Doreen is welcome to bring anyone by to see her work. Thank you.”

~ The D’Anneo Family (Paul and Barbara), Carson City, NV


“Dear Doreen:

I just wanted to write and thank you once more for the excellent job that you just completed on our home. The painting and carpentry, as well as the exterior brick work, stucco and painting were all completed beyond our highest level of expectations.

Also, I wanted to comment to you on all the other things you have done for us over the years and how your talent and enthusiasm have continued to help us with the improvements we have made to the house. You have enhanced every project with your knowledge, experience and sense of good taste. I think that your ‘baby-sitting’ every job really aids in the final perfection of each project you have undertaken for us.

We know that when we leave our keys with you, our home will be protected and beautiful things will be happening while we are gone.

We are looking forward to working together on the next project.”

~ Virgie Miller

Brougher-Bath Mansion Window Dressings are SPECTACULAR!

“Dear Doreen,

I just can not begin to express how excited I am to have tours this next year. The window dressings that you have created for the Brougher-Bath Mansion are spectacular, and everyone who sees them can not help but compliment me on them (of course I tell them You are the artist).

Now with the house complete (are these homes ever really ‘complete’?), I am looking forward to starting my business and showing off this beautiful home. Thank you so much for your artistry, enthusiasm, and encouragement.

All my best for your continued (and very deserved) success!”

~ Carlita

Exceptional Finishing Touches!

“Doreen was excellent at decorating my home for me. I loved how she took my ideas and put them together for me. She always came up with great new ideas to give me the finished look I desired. She is professional and fun to work with. She really knows when and how to make it perfect. Doreen is exceptional at all the finishing touches!” ~ Dee Perkins

My Own Style!

“Doreen worked with me to create a style of my own that reflected my personality. I loved her designs and ideas. She was able to interpret my thoughts and dreams and turn them into a reality by making it easy for me to visualize the design concepts.” ~ Anta B.

My Ideal Look!

“I have worked with Doreen for years. She designs beautifully and works very well with her clients. Doreen is very creative and listens to your needs to achieve a look that is ideal for you. Anyone would be glad to have their home decorated by her.” ~ Joanne Ballardini


“I worked with Doreen for several months to turn my blah house into a beautiful home. Her professionalism and imagination have no equal. Her attention to detail is outstanding, and her contractors are superb. Doreen is a very special person. I am still in awe with what she has done with my home.” ~ Dojo Readhead